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    18 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Birkenstocks

    Birks FTW.

    1. First and foremost, you love your Birkenstocks and don’t give AF what anyone else thinks.

    2. Because people really love to hate on Birks.

    Never before has a shoe been so polarizing.

    3. Especially when you wear them with socks.

    Netflix / Twitter: @davidtcwei

    Birkenstocks + socks = extreme comfort.

    4. Now, admittedly, Birkenstocks aren't exactly cheap.

    5. But they're so damn comfortable and convenient that buying a pair of Birkenstocks is basically like making an investment in yourself.

    6. Plus there are plenty of ways to get Birks on a budget.

    Flickr: ideowl / Twitter: @taylorwho1

    Discount retailers like Nordstrom Rack frequently have Birkenstocks available in stores and online.

    7. And thank God for discounted Birkenstocks, because nowadays they come in so many colors and styles it's almost impossible to go shopping and only buy one pair.

    8. You pretty much wear Birks every single day.

    9. This footprint follows you. Literally everywhere.

    Flickr: sicnarf

    Rain or snow, no problem! Just opt for a closed toe pair of Birkenstock clogs or boots.

    10. Daily Birk wearing has its consequences though, like these two-strap tan lines.

    11. Your arches love you for wearing Birkenstocks every day, though.

    12. And on the occasional day you don't wear Birks, you spend that whole day regretting the decision.

    Instagram: @mathewjedeikin

    "Why, oh why didn't I wear Birkenstocks today?"

    13. Going for the soft footbed will cost a little more, but it'll make your Birkenstocks even more luxurious.

    14. At some point you've asked yourself a question like this:

    Flickr: smallredsock / Twitter: @ChrisC51

    The answer is always yes! Nothing makes a "special occasion" more special then rocking a fierce pair of Birkenstocks.

    15. Toe and heel marks are the sign of a lovingly worn-in pair of Birkenstocks.

    16. And if you wear your Birks enough, eventually you might wear a hole into either the sole or toes.

    17. Thankfully, you can get your Birkenstocks repaired.

    Meaning you never have to throw away a beloved pair!

    18. Because honestly, Birkenstocks never go out of style.

    Flickr: philgyford


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