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    21 Pictures That Will Give You Major Bathroom Goals

    Never before has toilet paper looked this good.

    1. Every bathroom needs an open bottle of wine.

    2. Less is definitely more.

    3. You know you love it.

    4. So clean.

    5. How is it possible to keep a bathroom this clean?

    6. This glass practically sparkles.

    7. A view of bamboo.

    8. Such a great way to repurpose an old bike.

    9. Imagine soaking in this tub.

    10. Meow!

    11. Pink... Blue!

    12. Oh yeah.

    13. Toilet paper has NEVER looked this good.

    14. Someone definitely owns a shower squeegee.

    15. The bigger the bowl the better.

    16. What a view.

    17. Clawfoot amazingness.

    18. So incredibly organized.

    19. Just imagine a glass of Malbec on that wood table.

    20. Bird cage beautiful.

    21. Bathroom Goals AF

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