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21 Relationship Goals For Anyone Who Loves Pizza

"It was an improbable romance."

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1. Ross and who?

2. Love by the slice.

Relationship goals .. #Slice #pizza

3. Why pizza?

4. "It was an improbable romance."

"@ComedyPosts: Relationship goals " pizza..the love of my life ❤❤

5. Pizza and Netflix, yes please!

Relationship goals. Not the couple. The pizza and I.

6. In the boudoir.

This is what I'm looking for #RelationshipGoals #pizza #love #marriagematerial

7. Who in their right mind would say no?

I do, pizza.☺♥ #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words

8. Say "cheese!"

9. What hotter? The bun or the pie?

10. Let's!

Let's Order Pizza #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words

11. So this is what true love ~really~ looks like?

I just want to love somebody as much as this girl loves pizza #RelationshipGoals

12. A carb lovers' dream date.

"@SteveStfler: relationship goals: "@KylieNugent1 What if I made you a mac and cheese pizza?

13. The trifecta.

#RelationshipGoalsIn3Words Pizza, Cats, and Nutella

14. So much pepperoni.

#RelationshipGoalsIn3Words What's a Relationship?

15. Parenting goals.

#RelationshipGoalsIn3Words "it's a pizza"

16. Girl meets pizza.

17. For a wedding, or random Saturday night at home.

Pizza wedding cake #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words

18. Will you margarita me?

Relationship goals hahaha #pizza @Blueeyedmexikn

19. Jealous!

Coworkers boyfriend suprised her with pizza delivered because she was hungry #RelationshipGoals

20. The ultimate compliment.

Warner Bros. Pictures

21. Major, MAJOR relationship goals.

#relationshipgoals pizza on a rainy day ❤️

👴 🍕 👵

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