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16 Ways To Respond When A Stranger Says Hello

An introvert's guide.

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1. Stay calm.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I freak out, panic and hope to die.

2. Don't freak out.

3. Pretend to be invisible.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello ..." Oh my god you can see me?"

4. Recognize it could be a conversation trap.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello ...It's a trap!

5. Verify that they're actually talking to you.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I say, "Oh, hello!" and then realize they are on a bluetooth. Then I shamewalk away.

6. Act busy.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I immediately look at my phone and pretend like I'm busy.

7. Throw some side-eye.

8. Attempt to smile.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I give a big smile, but I apparently look like this:

9. Or, attempt to reply.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I go to say hi but what comes out is "hu...." and then I look down at the ground.

10. Go call the police!

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello we call the police

11. Try to think of an excuse.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello Say 'Gotham needs me!'

12. Wave.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I like to respond with just a socially awkward wave.

13. Treat them like a friend.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I give him my number so I can ignore his text like my real friends

14. Pull a Joey.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello I reply "hey how you doin' "

15. Use your own awkwardness as an offensive move.

Make it awkward #WhenAStrangerSaysHello

16. Suggest they DM you on Twitter.

#WhenAStrangerSaysHello You can follow me on Twitter, I speak to strangers on there.

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