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57 Adorable Dogs Arrive In San Francisco After Being Rescued From A Dog Meat Farm

They’ll be showing up at Sacramento and Bay Area adoption centers in the next few days.

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Over the past couple of days a total of 57 dogs have made their way to San Francisco after being rescued by Humane Society International from a meat farm in South Korea.

Manchul Kim / For The HSUS

Tomorrow these lovable pups will take the next step on their journeys to find new homes, and will be sent to placement partners in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, and Sacramento.


Even if you can't adopt, you can help the Humane Society on their mission to put an end to dog farming!

HSUS / Via

South Korea is the only country that farms dogs for the dog meat trade. The Humane Society International is working to end this trade.

You can support the organization by making a donation at

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