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    26 Hilarious Things Rose Nylund Said On “The Golden Girls”

    "I'm not one to blow my own vetugenfluke."

    1. When she taught this kid a valuable lesson.

    2. When she showed off her knowledge of international fashion.

    3. When she made this admission.

    4. When she established herself as an authority in the transportation of herring.

    5. When she explained St. Olaf's justice system.

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    6. When she was asked if she considered herself a wild woman.

    7. When she explained what a true shame really was.

    8. When she explained her routine for feeling better about life.

    9. When she didn't give AF.

    10. When she made this wish.

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    11. When she related to this dog.

    12. When she offered this explanation.

    13. When she was modest.

    14. When she asked for forgiveness.

    15. When she shared this valuable lesson.

    16. When she saw what she thought was her own reflection.

    17. When she asked this question.

    18. When she shared this fond memory.

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    19. When she had this realization.

    20. When she had this hilarious response.

    21. When she was worried about an intruder.

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    22. When she wanted the metaphors to continue.

    23. When she remembered the best sex she'd ever had.

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    24. When she tried out a new word.

    25. When she sassed Dorothy.

    26. And finally, when she told this story.

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