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Nov 23, 2015

19 Hilarious Tweets About "The Hunger Games"



I do respect the difficult choice Katniss had to make between good sex (gale) and bread (peeta)


evreyone talks about noahs ark but nobodey talks abot noahs hunger games which determined the two strongest animals of each species


Jennifer Lawrence still being in Hunger Games movies feels like if Justin Timberlake were still touring with NSYNC.


I'm the guy in the Hunger Games who gets stabbed while he's trying to poop in the woods


The Hunger Games only its me fighting a raccoon for cold french fries in the dumpster behind Wendy’s.


If you see The Hunger games in IMAX so it's more realistic, they shouldn't let you bring snacks.


Roses are white nightlock is blue it’s called Catching Fire not Hunger Games 2


"Peeta, have you ever heard of an 'open relationship'?" - Katniss (if I wrote #TheHungerGames) #OneProblemSolved


I once stabbed my brother with a fork over the last dinner roll, so, yes, I totally could’ve won the Hunger Games.


A waiter took my plate before I was done and I watched him carry it away like it was my sibling who was just chosen for the hunger games


Catching Fire is the best movie that sounds like what happens to your stuff when you break up with someone from twitter.


Playing a version of the Hunger Games where I don't eat this bagel because I want my jeans to fit.


The Hungry Games. Kit-Katniss Everdeen and Pizza Mellark.


Rejected Hunger Games characters: Yolowen Masonjar Chartreuse Coucher Flaps Wariostein Kissfromarose Amtrak


Most unbelievable part of the Hunger Games is the idea that the american people would be satisfied w/ a tie in their biggest sporting event.


Harry Potter fans: I wanna go to Hogwarts. Narnia fans: I wanna go to Narnia. Hunger Games fans: Nope I'm good.


[that part in the hunger games where everyone's in the training center working on skills for the arena] ME: *making the shit out of a pizza*


would 100% go to a gym class called "Training for the Hunger Games"


That devastating moment when you realize Peeta and Katniss' celebrity couple name is "Peeniss." #hungergames

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