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17 Tweets About "The Force Awakens" That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

Be warned: This post may contain very light spoilers.

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One Star Wars spinoff should be the story of the Empire engineer who keeps designing ultimate weapons with easily accessible fatal flaws.


Say what you will about Kylo Ren but his conditioner game was ON POINT.


Harrison Ford: still mega bangable on all planets #TheForceAwakens


Seeing Star Wars again. Hopefully they explain the origin of Rey's fudgesicle speeder this time.


Felt extra safe on the subway tonight due to all the folks with lightsabers.


breaking news jj abrams reveals that new star wars movie was originally going to be called Episode VII: I Hate You, Dad


I told Mom people thought Star Wars didn't used to be for girls. She looked very worried, and said "Harrison Ford is still in it, right?"


A guy that tried to make fun of me for liking Star Wars in high school just posted he was going today. I PM'd him every spoiler.


I'm eating away all the Star Wars feels


Now that we've met BB-8 my prediction for the next Star Wars movie is that we meet BB-69. 🙃


So anti-establishment, I will probably wait until next week to see "Star Wars".


The fact Star Wars took place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away & they had amazing technology makes cavemen look like pieces of shit


Still thinking about Kylo Ren's cloak. That knit looked very luxurious.



When is the Empire going to finally realize that Storm Troopers are simply not an effective military force?


Somewhere there's a dude named Kyle Oren, and no one will ever believe him ever again.


I've reached the point where I hate things that don't have a star wars promotional tie-in

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