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17 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Visit Molokai

It's known as "the most Hawaiian island," because of it's underdeveloped and laid-back vibe. Who would want to visit that?

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5. Because buildings cannot be taller than coconut trees. If you like long elevator rides then avoid Molokai at all costs!

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Technically there are different limits depending on the type of building, but in general Molokai doesn't allow construction of tall buildings.


14. Because part of Molokai is a straight up leper colony.

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In the mid 1800’s sufferers of the disease were first abandoned on Molokai. The Kalaupapa peninsula was essentially a prison for them, as it’s surrounded by cliffs and water.

Drugs that were developed in the 1940’s stopped the spread of the disease. However, there are still 40 residents living in Kalaupapa, and though they are no longer contagious, access to the area is strictly regulated. The peninsula is now a National Historic Site where you can learn more about the disease and it's important role in the history of Molokai.

Dedicated to preserving the memories and experiences of the past, the guided mule tour is a great way experience Kalaupapa and take in the incredible views.

17. Because the Molokai Visitor Center even warns you that there are no four or five star dining opportunities.

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But they do say “you will be able to find good food and ambiance from picnic tables to beachfront dining.” Talk about miserable?


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