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14 Reasons Graduating In December Totally Rocks

Midterm graduations are hot. Despite taking place during the winter months.

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1. The graduation ceremony is hella short.

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The amount of people graduating is just a fraction of the number that participate in June. Meaning the ceremonies don't take as long, and you can get on to more important things. Like parties and presents.

4. Or a decent parking space at the ceremony.

Graduation parking doesn't have to be a nightmare.


5. You probably won’t be too familiar with the other people you’re walking with, which means you can let loose with your emotions.

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No friends around to judge means there's no need to hold back any tears. 😂

6. No dinner reservations? No problem.

Good luck finding a decent restaurant with a last-minute table for ten close to where you're graduating in June. But in December? Usually not a problem, unless the restaurant happens to be booked for a holiday party.

8. You can save money by buying stuff early.

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All of that graduation stuff you're currently seeing at Target, grocery stores, and pretty much everywhere else is going to be on clearance later this month. If you're a midyear graduate you can stock up and save on announcements, party supplies, etc.


11. Meaning less competition if you’re planning to start job hunting.

At least for positions targeting recent grads.