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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    People Are Loving The Flower Headphones Lana Del Rey Rocks In Her New Music Video

    Goodbye flower crown. Hello flower headphones.

    Attention fellow Lanatics! Our gangster queen has released the video for Music To Watch Boys To.

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    It starts off, well, pretty much exactly how you would expect a LDR video to begin... With random models swimming together.

    Interscope Records

    And a bunch of flamingos.

    Interscope Records

    So fascinating.

    When we first spot Lana, her ears are boring and undecorated.

    Interscope Records

    But then at the 1:28 mark, we see Lana put on her fabulous flower headphones.

    Interscope Records

    Didn't get a good enough view? FEAR NOT! Just a few seconds later Lana blesses us with a close-up shot.

    Interscope Records

    Then another.

    Interscope Records

    Mid-way through the video however, she appears to have lost the flower headphones.

    Interscope Records

    But then – almost immediately – we see her putting them back on.

    Interscope Records

    And one more time, because why not?

    Interscope Records

    So much time dedicated to putting on headphones.

    Fans have noticed.

    Lana's headphones are so cool in the video to Music To Watch Boys To

    And they LOVE the flower headphones.

    i want those flower headphones lana wore in the mtwbt music video omg

    Lana Del Rey has moved on to flower headphones. Basics take notes!

    I mean, it's impossible not to be jelly.

    Can i get the flower headphones lana uses please

    Y'all someone pimp my headphones Lana style. I ain't too crafty.

    Dear Lana: Please continue innovating in the field of flowered headwear!

    Interscope Records

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