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Someone Made An Exact Replica Of Andy’s Room From “Toy Story” And It Will Blow Your Mind

Talk about dedicated Disney fans!

These Disney/Pixar fanatics have built a life-size replica of Andy's room so they can record a live-action version of Toy Story 3.

And the attention to detail is INSANE!

Disney / Via

Spot. On. Replica.


According to their Tumblr post, Andy's room took about two years of work, but the friends say that creating it was "totally worth it."

Seriously, can you tell which one is the cartoon and which is real life?


The first image is a screen capture from the movie; the second is real life.


The die-hard Toy Story 3 fans are "re-creating everything" from the beloved film for their live-action project.

So far the results look impressive, to say the least.

Check out a trailer below!

View this video on YouTube

Can't wait for the full-length version!