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12 Everyday Activities Unexpectedly Made Better With Marijuana

They're better because you got high!

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1. Running

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There’s been a growing debate among the ultramarathon community about running while high. Many argue that the painkilling and nausea-reducing effects of marijuana make it a perfect pre- and post-run ritual.

Even if you aren’t an ultramarathoner, running through a beautiful neighborhood while stoned can make cardio seem like therapy.

Use caution, though: Marijuana has been shown to increase your heart rate. Additionally, always consult with a doctor before making major adjustments to your exercise routine.

2. Cleaning

A lot of people find they clean much better if they're high. Although it's easy to get sidetracked, if you can focus then you'll be able to do some legit cleaning.

Additionally, since marijuana affects your perception of time, you won't feel like you've been spending hours cleaning.

3. Laundry

Similarly to cleaning, weed can definitely make doing laundry seem like less of a chore. Put some music on in the background, toke a bit, then focus on getting your clothes cleaned and folded.

Because of the effect on perception, it'll seem like your laundry is done in no time at all.

4. Sex

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As most stoners will attest, sex can seem better if weed is involved.

It’s because THC causes your brain to release dopamine, which is referred to as a “feel-good chemical.”

Additionally, dopamine has been shown to lessen inhibitions and help people feel more relaxed, both of which can lead to a more enjoyable sexual encounter.

5. Eating

It’s widely known that marijuana can stimulate your appetite. Herb has long been used to assist those who struggle to get enough food.

In general, puffing the magic dragon before a meal stimulates your brain and can make the act of eating a good meal more pleasurable. That's not to say that being blazed will make broccoli taste like chocolate, but it can heighten the experience of eating something delicious.

It’s also been shown that marijuana users tend to be thinner than nonsmokers, and that our bodies have a healthier response to sugar. Specifically, we have lower levels of fasting insulin.

6. Cooking

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A lot of times cooking can feel more like a chore then an enjoyable pastime.

But not if you're stoned!

There have been multiple studies showing that weed helps you relax and can reduce anxiety. So if you want to slow down after a long day and make an incredible meal for your family (or just yourself), then get a blaze on and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

Obviously, be careful if you’re handling knives or using a stove/oven.

7. Reading

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Bored with a book? Try smoking a little green then giving it another go. Marijuana can enhance your experience by helping you get into the mind of the characters. On the other hand, smoking bud can also reduce your attention span.

If you find a quality book and are really interested in the characters, then a good smoke session can totally turn an evening at home with a book into an incredible event. Not that you needed any further incentive to stay home and read.

8. Pooping

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A 2010 study found that weed helps you maintain a healthy gut , and patients dealing with inflammatory bowel diseases frequently see the benefit of marijuana use.

Mary Jane also helps you relax. So if you’re having some trouble going poop, or find it to be a stressful experience, then a little herb may be able to help!

9. Gardening

Again, marijuana can help you relax and also impact your perception of time. Both of which make it a perfect addition to an afternoon of gardening.

Marijuana has also been shown to help reduce pain and discomfort among people with arthritis. For anyone with arthritis pain, gardening can be especially difficult, so puff some green, then head out for some fun times in the garden.

10. Writing

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Cannabis is often used by many to fuel creativity, and with good reason! Studies have suggested that marijuana use corresponds with a state of “hyper-priming” in which the brain can see connections between more distantly related concepts.

Other research has shown that pot smokers show increased verbal fluency, which can be great for writers alike.

Don’t consider yourself much of a writer? Well, try smoking a bowl and see where your creativity leads. You can sign up for a BuzzFeed community account and submit whatever you come up with.

11. Getting Ready


No matter if you’re getting ready for a big date, getting ready for bed, or getting ready to start the day, a little bud can make your getting-ready routine more enjoyable.

Lots of people find that smoking a bowl before you shower can help you avoid rushing and get yourself thoroughly cleaned. Similarly, brushing your teeth while blazed can lead to a quality, relaxed brushing session guaranteed to leave your teeth clean and sparkling!

12. Sleeping

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Research has shown that patients using a cannabinoid-based medicine reported improved sleep quality. However, there have also been studies that link lower-quality REM sleep and marijuana use.

These days millions of people suffer from anxiety-rooted insomnia. Marijuana is widely used to treat anxiety, and many of us find it useful as a natural sleep aid.

No matter what weed you're smoking, be cautious while under the influence of marijuana and be mindful your own body's limits.


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