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    Portland Has Become Decorated With Dildos And No One Knows Why

    An unidentified dildo enthusiast has decorated the city with these phallic toys, but no one seems to know why.

    There's a mystery happening in Portland that started a little over a week ago, when a picture was posted to Imgur showing what appeared to be two dildos hung from a local power line.

    Locals, too, started posting similar pictures to Twitter documenting the emerging trend.

    Throwing dildos over the power lines has become a thing in portland. #keeportlandweird They're all over town.

    At this point, dozens of dildos have been spotted throughout Portland, and so far no one has any clue who's doing it, or why. me out here. Are #dildos hanging from electrical wires a Portland thing? Or do people do this everywhere?

    There’s a rumor circulating on Reddit that someone at a Portland area sex shop recently made a gigantic mistake by ordering 10,000 damaged dildos.

    Just a couple dildos on a telephone line. #Portland

    The rumor says they then gave the toxic toys to friends, one of whom became the mysterious dong dangler. At this point, however, the story is still unsubstantiated.

    I thought @chetbuchanan was full of it. Someone in #Portland is throwing tied together dildos over power lines.

    Local utility spokespeople have confirmed to Reuters that the hanging dildos luckily do not pose any fire hazards.

    So apparently people in Portland are hanging dildos from the power lines.

    Not much else is known about these dildos swinging from electric lines, but the people of Portland seem to be enjoying the trend.

    Way to go Portland you've made my day once again. Dildos on power lines. Priceless

    So for now we want to extend a thanks to this mysterious dick decorator, for making our hump day infinitely more enjoyable!

    H/T: College Humor

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