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16 Of The Best Things To Ever Happen At A Disney Store

Where magic happens daily!

1. This divine display at the Disney Store in London.

2. When there was no love for Prince Hans.

3. This dramatic reenactment.

4. When an employee lost her voice. / Via

5. When this little girl owned Halloween.

6. When this employee got called out.

7. When this store was decorated to look like a brothel in the red-light district of Amsterdam.

8. When this little girl made an important decision about her future.

9. These patient princesses.

10. When this giant Sven plush toy showed up at the Disney Store in Times Square, New York.

11. When this guy had absolutely no shame about clearing the shelves of Anna and Elsa dolls.

12. When this customer got a deal on her prince.

13. When this watch was purchased.

14. When Black Widow represented.

15. This awesome dad's response.

16. This touching tribute.