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    21 Honest Confessions Of People Who Are Addicted To Shoes

    More shoes!

    1. We know, we know, we know. We have a lot of shoes.


    Just don't go throwing around words like "too many," because can you ever really have too many shoes?

    2. We realize that obviously we don’t need any more shoes.

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    But who couldn’t use an extra pair of winter boots or summer sandals?

    3. We can’t help but want more though... The desire is uncontrollable and the feeling of buying new shoes is better than any other high.

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    4. We pretend not to be embarrassed about our shoe obsession.

    5. But deep down, we're a little ashamed.

    To be honest, none of those Instagram pictures probably included all of the shoes we own.

    6. We make frequent donations to places like Goodwill in order to both feel charitable and make room for more shoes.

    7. Yes, we also know about the global impact of producting and shipping shoes. Personally, we've made strides to reduce our environmental footprint through other means.

    Some of us ride bikes to work (in cute biking shoes), others of us grow fresh produce (wearing Birkenstocks while we visit the community garden), etc.

    8. If you’re going to live with us then you accept the fact that we need lots of space for shoe storage.

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    Like A LOT!

    9. We don't mean to be rude if we don't take our shoes off when we visit your new apartment. It's just that we often assemble entire outfits to showcase a pair of hot new shoes and it's torture having to remove them.

    10. If our family would agree to it, this would be our holiday tree.

    11. Selecting the perfect shoe to go with an outfit can turn into an ordeal. Despite what you may think, having a lot of shoes to choose from doesn't make it more difficult to make a decision. If anything, it makes the process harder.

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    If we had new shoes available we'd be wearing them and on our way to dinner already.

    12. For us, the right footwear for an event or holiday can make or break the occasion.

    13. We hate to admit it, but there are definitely special occasions we look back on and wish we'd worn a different shoe.


    Carrying that kind of regret with you just isn't healthy.

    14. If we are going somewhere that involves a lot of walking or steps, then we need to know ahead of time.


    Hiking up flights of stairs in shoes that pinch your toes isn't a good thing.

    15. We keep a few pairs of shoes at the office, and others in various hidden locations so that judgy friends and significant others won’t make comments.

    But we'll never tell you exactly where they're all hidden.

    16. Sometimes we honestly forget that we already own a pair of shoes and accidentally buy another pair. It happens, but that's why we buy from stores with good return policies.

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    There's no shame in telling the sales associate you forgot that you already had this particular pair. Who knows? He or she might be a fellow shoe addict!

    17. People assume that shoe shopping is always fun, but in fact it can be excruciating. Narrowing down a purchase to only include one or two new pairs can be a terrifying experience.


    Maybe we had millions of dollars in the shoe budget it'd be a different story.

    18. If you think we have a "shoe problem" then why do you take us into or near stores that sell shoes?

    19. Wanna know how we keep our supply of shoes ever expanding? We know our size in all our fave brands so we’re always ready for an online order or lunch hour retail therapy session.

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    Retail therapy, just what the doctor would prescribe!

    20. Sometimes we wonder what life will be like in 20 years? Will we be more addicted to buying shoes for ourselves our or future children?

    21. We’ve pretty much accepted the fact that our significant others, friends, and family will always find it amusing to tease us about our shoe addiction. But we honestly don’t give a fuck!

    Everyone's got their vices, for us, it's shoes.