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23 Super-Secret Moments From The Grammy Awards Audience Cam

We watched the live audience feed so you didn't have to!

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1. As you might expect, Taylor Swift was dancing.

Obnoxious much?

2. She stopped briefly to chat with Lady Gaga.

3. But then went right back to dancing.

4. Kim Kardashian had some trouble keeping her assets looking their best. First, there was a lint catastrophe.


Pick and flick honey.

5. Then some minor adjustments.

6. And a few more sizeable adjustments.

7. She was momentarily distracted by her bangs.

8. Then went right back to adjusting her boobs.


Where's the double-stick tape when you need it?

9. Kim was also seen checking her phone frequently during performances.

Talk about bad manners.

10. Before he was spotted, Paul McCartney was hella dancing it up!

11. Ariana Grande said "God bless you" when Dave Grohl sneezed.

So well-mannered!

12. Then Ari totally fanned out when Madonna took the stage.

13. Kim wasn't the only one adjusting her boobs.


Gaga was having some trouble with hers as well!

14. Beyoncé coughed.


Let's hope it's not serious.

15. And said a little prayer.


16. Ed Sheeran got some advice from Jay Z.

17. Madonna waved good-bye to someone.


18. Then blew them a kiss.


19. Kim and Taylor hugged.


20. It sort of looks like Taylor and Jay Z shook hands.


21. Kanye apparently said something hella funny.


22. Katy Perry walked across the room.

23. In order to throw something into the crowd.

The best things at three price points