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    21 Cats Wearing Wigs

    Cats in wigs... 'Nuff said!

    1. Hi there!

    2. What are you lookin' at?

    3. Haven't you ever seen a cat wearing a wig before?

    4. Don't judge.

    5. You know you love it!

    6. These cats are fierce.

    7. Fierce AF!

    8. "Help me Obi Wan!"

    9. So luxurious...

    10. So decadent...

    11. Simply stunning!

    12. Rock star cat.

    13. "I'm ready for Halloween!"

    14. So bold.

    15. So beautiful!

    16. Just look at those Shirley Temple curls!

    17. "Doesn't my wig look sexy pushed back?"

    18. The bigger the wig the better!

    19. "I think I'm ready for my close-up."

    20. Even cats are into the granny hair trend.

    21. Cats in wigs FTW!