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17 Times Britney Spears Was The World's Cutest Mom

Mom goals.

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1. When she took her kids to meet Skrillex and rocked the same blue hair as her younger son.

2. When she lent a helping hand in the kitchen, and looked flawless while doing so.

3. When she rocked wedges to the skate park.

4. When she took her boys to hang out with Shaun White.

Took the boys to #AirStyleLA today to hang w some snowboarders, skiers &... snakes. Lol #SundayFunday✌️🐍@ShaunWhite


5. When she taught her sons the importance of paying respect to the almighty Mouse. 🐭

7. When she took her kids to a Dodgers game and let them go to TOWN on the cotton candy.

8. When she tried to persuade her son to pursue a career in motocross.

9. When she made Jayden the King of Decks for his birthday.

You're entitled to be whoever you want to be on your birthday. Jayden chose King of the Decks, lol. Cutie!

10. When she also recognized the importance of being a good dog mom.

11. Scratch that. GREAT dog mom. 🐶

12. When she broke out the big hat and sunglasses for a one-on-one lunch date.

16. When she got her family a private boat at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

17. When her kids totally repaid the love.