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    The Fancy Taco Bell That Sells Booze Opened In SF And Here’s What It’s Like

    Taco Bell is trying to take on Chipotle with its new "Cantina" locations that serve beer and wine. We checked out the new restaurant in San Francisco.

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    On Thursday, Taco Bell debuted its first Cantina restaurant in San Francisco. (A Chicago location also opened this week.)

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    The two are the first of a series of planned restaurants that will carry the Taco Bell Cantina brand. Restaurants include revamped interior design, a couple of new menu items and, most importantly, alcohol.

    The reason for this new spinoff? “People like to have a beer with their taco,” Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol told Fortune back in June.

    San Francisco's Taco Bell Cantina is located in the city's SoMa district, close to the AT&T ballpark. The first thing we noticed: There's no booze yet.

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    The doors are now officially open at 710 Third Street (between Townsend and King streets), which is the former home of The Melt. But don't expect to be able to enjoy that beer with your taco just yet, as the restaurant has yet to obtain its liquor license.

    The company told BuzzFeed that it could be a month or two before they would begin selling alcoholic beverages, and even when that does happen, the SF location will not be selling any hard liquor like its counterpart in Chicago. When it comes to beer and wine brands, "the actual labels have yet to be determined," a representative said.

    Although the design inside the cantina looks nicer than your average Taco Bell, the food seems pretty similar to what you would expect to get at any regular Taco Bell location.

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    Most of the menu consists of crispy tacos, Mexican pizzas, quesadillas, and typical Bell grub.

    However, there are a few items that are "Cantina exclusives," like chicken strips.

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    They're called "shareables" and they're clearly designed to imitate bar food-type appetizers.

    The cantina will definitely add a good late-night food offering to the ballpark area. This is some A+ drunk food right here.

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    And the hot sauces look super hip up against a brick wall.

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    The most interesting thing about the SF location was definitely the mobile order pickup window.

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    It's like the San Francisco equivalent of a drive-through.

    In summary, Taco Bell Cantina: same food, pretty presentation, booze coming soon.

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    That's pretty much all you need to know.

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