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A Ranking Of Current “Real Housewives” Husbands By Hotness

These are the men that most girls only dream of!

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In order to appear on the list, men must be married (and not in the process of getting a divorce from) a main Housewife, featured on the most recent seasons of a U.S. franchise.

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Our list starts off with an obvious one. Joe has a "general disrespect for the law," and engaged in bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud that has resulted in a 41-month prison sentence. Not very hot.


He may have good pecs, but don't be fooled. David is the type of guy who will send an email that he's planning to leave you, then take it back.


The body is good, and his eyebrow game is on point, but Rino comes off kinda creepy. Plus, Victoria Gotti claims that he had an affair with his own mother-in-law. She even took a lie detector test to prove it!


Eddie and Tamra have a fitness business together, and you can tell that the boy works out. Total man candy. Eddie gets points for looking like the kinda guy who knows how to have fun in Vegas, but loses points for waxing his chest.

Peter is a good-looking man, but during the show he’s a having a bit of money trouble. First his club Uptown went into foreclosure, now Bar One is having to relocate. So he loses hotness points for questionable entrepreneurial skills, and for getting all butt-hurt when NeNe called him a bitch.

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Jonathan, like so many of the men on this list, works in real estate. He's a senior managing director at a commercial real estate company in New York, and totally works the salt-and-pepper brand of hotness.

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Josh has a pretty good sense of style and is a successful entrepreneur. Like, a totally legit one, too! His supplement company produces a "healthier" alternative to five-hour energy drinks.

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Vincent is a Real Housewives husband triple-threat. He's a celebrated actor, tennis player, and poker player, and now gets a steady paycheck from doing commentary for the World Poker Tour. He's got a bit of a bad-boy thing going, which was enough to pull him to the middle of our list.

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David is a little bit older than many of the other guys on this list, but when you have 16 Grammy Awards, age doesn't fucking matter. The man has a résumé that put pretty much everyone in the music industry to shame. He's also got stunning eyes. Meow!

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Ken is a few years younger than David Foster, but that's not why he pulled ahead in our list. Just look at how cute he is posing with Giggy! So adorable.

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He's charming, funny, and a practicing doctor with a hit television show. It doesn't get much hotter, ladies and gentlemen. And look at that smile. He also likes onion rings. Talk about a perfect dinner date!

James proves that doing good can be superhot, and financially beneficial. His company received millions for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing by Bank of America.

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Harry is another Real Housewives husband with an impressive résumé. He also scored major points this season though with the whole "What does Kim know about Harry?" drama that gave him a supe hot mysterioso vibe.

Christian is a University of San Diego graduate who now has two successful real estate businesses. He's also the VP of development for a San Diego–based charity, and is worth about 25 million bucks. So he's rich, charitable, and has a furry man chest that's begging for a good motorboating? HOT!


What is there to say about Mauricio? He's considered a wildly successful real estate mogul, and he's known for being a loyal and loving father. Plus, look at how he works that electric toothbrush. Kyle Richards, you are a lucky woman!

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