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15 Times Zachary Quinto And Miles McMillan Gave You Relationship Goals

Nothing says "I love you" like preparing a bag of daily vitamins for your partner.

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1. When Zachary first confirmed their relationship, via Instagram obvs.

2. And shortly thereafter Miles followed up with this adorable pic.

4. Then got cozy at the airport.

6. But looked even cuter when traveling by car.

8. When Miles prepared a bag of vitamins for Zachary.

9. When Zachary called Miles his "favorite partner in crime."

11. When Zachary wished Miles a happy birthday and called him a hot chip.

Because he's eating chips (aka french fries).

12. When, later that night, they took a birthday group selfie.

14. When Zachary was bendy and Miles caught it on camera.

15. When Zachary posted this not-so-cryptic message to Instagram.

Major relationship goals.

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