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    49 Vegan & Gluten Free Recipes For Baking In October

    Believe it or not, all of these baked goods are both vegan and gluten free.

    You can indulge without feeling guilty!

    1. Pumpkin cheesecake

    2. Plum upside down cake

    3. Pumpkin quinoa cookies

    4. Two way apple cake

    5. Maple apple crisp

    6. Gingerbread cake

    7. Pumpkin bread

    8. Cranberry apricot muffins

    9. Apple nut tart

    10. Pumpkin bars

    11. Spiced blueberry banana nut muffins

    12. Apple cider dinner bread

    13. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

    14. Pumpkin pecan granola

    15. Butternut pecan scones

    16. Cinnamon salted caramel brownies

    17. Eat your heart out carrot cake

    18. Peanut butter oatmeal brownie bites

    19. Pumpkin spice donuts

    20. Lavender vanilla scones

    21. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

    22. Maple apple buckwheat breakfast casserole

    23. Pumpkin apple carrot raisin muffins

    24. White chocolate orange blondies

    25. Cranberry crumble

    26. Strawberry rhubarb pie

    27. Maple nut cake

    28. Mini berry cheesecakes

    29. Gingerbread biscotti

    30. Apple pie cheesecake

    31. Black bean brownie bites

    32. Mini pumpkin pie tarts

    33. Coconut pistachio and cranberry macaroons

    34. Salted carmel cheesecake

    35. Balsamic strawberry tarts

    36. Blueberry rosemary galette

    37. Rustic peach pie

    38. Raspberry corn muffins

    39. Avocado ganache cake

    40. Saffron buns

    41. Poppyseed snack cake

    42. Sinless apple pie

    43. Baked sweet potato pudding

    44. Pumpkin cupcakes

    45. Zucchini spice bread

    46. Pumpkin molasses cookies

    47. No crust pumpkin pie

    48. Banana maple donuts

    49. Carrot cake bars