Pomegranate Sandwiches Are Totally A Thing

Wondering what to do with all those pomegranate seeds? Put them in a sandwich!

1. Ladies and gentlemen, pomegranate season has arrived!

2. According to Wikipedia they’re in season from September to February!

3. People think removing the seeds is a pain…

4. But there’s actually a really easy way to get those suckers out. Start by cutting the pomegranate in half.

5. Squeeze the pomegranate a few times, then tap the back of the fruit with a wooden spoon into a strainer.

6. You’ll need to tap vigorously, but all of the seeds will fall out.

8. Pomegranate seeds are great in salads, but amazing in sandwiches. Like this pomegranate and peanut butter sandwich.

9. Or these pomegranate and arugula sandwiches, with a goat cheese and olive oil spread.

Get the recipe and instructions here

12. Wanna take your chicken salad sandwich to another level? Add pomegranate seeds!

Recipe here

13. Fried egg, kale, and pomegranate? Fuck ya.

Check out the recipe here

14. Parsley, bell pepper, and onion lying around? Put it between bread with some pomegranate seeds.

16. Pomegranates are so versatile, they even go with steak!

18. Or even in a pita with cucumber and tofu.

Get the recipe here

19. You could turn them into a jelly and spread it on pretty much any sandwich.

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