27 Innovative Ways To Cook And Bake With Parsnips

This versatile vegetable is totally underrated.

1. Step aside carrots, it’s time for parsnips to have their moment in the spotlight.

Parsnips are similar to carrots, but have a much nuttier and traditionally fall flavor. They are super healthy, and high in vitamins and minerals like potassium. Parsnips are also full of antioxidants and dietary fiber!

But more importantly, you can use parsnips in a variety of interesting and innovative ways…

3. 2. Or roast them for crispy and delicious parsnip fries.

The only ingredients are parsnips, oil, and salt.

4. 3. Skillet browned parsnips are also amazingly easy.

Medium heat, oil, and rosemary is all you need.

5. 4. Feeling more adventurous? Try these parsnip pecan scones drizzled with a lemon fennel seed glaze.

This vegan recipe uses soaked flaxseeds as an egg replacer and a bit of coconut milk.

7. 5. Or pomegranate, parsnip, and parsley quinoa.

Recipe here.

8. 6. Parsnip and shallot savoury tarte tatin.

Start with store bought puff pastry, or make your own!

9. 7. Listen to your sweet tooth and make this parsnip ice cream.

With beetroot syrup.

10. 8. Parsnip, fennel, and white bean soup topped with crunchy parsnip cubes.

Drizzled with a bit of EVOO baby! Recipe here.

12. 10. Try a parsnip and maple syrup cake.

14. 11. Or go for a parsnip cake with chocolate frosting.

Turn butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and chocolate squares into a yummy frosting for this parsnip cake.

15. 12. This parsnip pudding with squash, autumn berry, and lime gelee will impress everyone you know.

17. 13. Roast your parsnips with brussels sprouts and stuff them in manicotti.

Use a bit of nutmeg in the filling and top with fresh sage.

18. 14. Parsnip hazelnut gratin.

Swap the bacon fat for canola oil, and chicken stock for veggie stock to make this recipe a bit more vegetarian friendly.

19. 15. Get fancy and make a parsnip sous-vide fondant.

Root vegetable vegetable fondant sous-vides are apparently huge in the UK.

20. 16. Or parsnip and carrot mousse.

Recipe here

21. 17. Parsnip muffins go great with your morning coffee.

Use brown butter to give these muffins an extra kick.

23. 19. Parsnip and pear pancakes with horseradish sour cream.

Get the recipe here.

24. 20. Cream of curried parsnip soup.

Recipe here.

25. 21. Be basic with roasted brussels sprouts, parsnips, and fennel.

This roasted dish is the perfect fall veggie plate!

26. 22. Honey roast parsnip crème brûleé.

Um, yum!

27. 23. Parsnip and potato chowder.

Recipe here.

28. 24. Parsnip chips are like the sassy cousin of the chip family.

Season with fennel seeds, paprika, and pepper.

29. 25. Roasted parsnip bread pudding.

A surprisingly nutty side dish.

30. 26. Parsnip, cauliflower, and mozzarella bake.

A fabulous combination.

31. 27. Finally you could pickle parsnips with carrots and chiles.

Add them to sandwiches or wraps for instant deliciousness. Recipe here.

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