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Disney's Belle: Awkward Bookworm Or Entitled Asshole?

Hear me out!

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Some background information though: let's start with the fact that her father is clearly rich.

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I mean, he owns a big ass property (without any neighbors), that's located just a short walk away from an adorable French city.

He's also got enough cash so that his daughter (Belle) doesn't have to work and can spend her time wandering around town singing about how much better she is than everyone else. Talk about the 1%.


4. Thankfully though, Baker didn't notice the shade and says hello, but all he gets from Belle is more sass.


She starts babbling, and obvi he has work to do, so he changes the subject and gets back to hawking those rolls. Maybe if Belle actually had a job she'd understand. Instead, she rolls her eyes at him.

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