Disney’s Belle: Awkward Bookworm Or Entitled Asshole?

Hear me out!

1. Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time, but allow me to make a startling observation that you may not agree with.

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2. I think Belle was an entitled asshole and here’s why.

3. Some background information though: let’s start with the fact that her father is clearly rich.

I mean, he owns a big ass property (without any neighbors), that’s located just a short walk away from an adorable French city.

He’s also got enough cash so that his daughter (Belle) doesn’t have to work and can spend her time wandering around town singing about how much better she is than everyone else. Talk about the 1%.

5. Aaaand she’s the most beautiful girl in town.

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Rich and beautiful? Likely has never worked a day in her life. You see where I’m going with this…

6. 1. Belle begins her elitist assholery with this line: “Little town, full of little people.”

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Notice how no one else besides Belle and her father seem to own land?

8. 2. Then she throws shade at the loyal town baker.

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“There goes the baker with his tray, like always. The same old bread and rolls to sell.”

10. 3. “Ev’ry morning just the same. Since the morning that we came. To this poor provincial town.”

11. So she’s literally singing about how everyone around her is unsophisticated?

12. 4. Thankfully though, Baker didn’t notice the shade and says hello, but all he gets from Belle is more sass.


She starts babbling, and obvi he has work to do, so he changes the subject and gets back to hawking those rolls. Maybe if Belle actually had a job she’d understand. Instead, she rolls her eyes at him.

13. 5. Check out how she hitches a free ride and doesn’t even bother to tip the driver.


15. 6. Then literally looks down on this poor woman struggling to carry her triplets while multiple toddlers are pulling on her empty basket.


God damn though, how many kids does that lady have?

16. 7. She finally arrives at the bookstore and what does she do? She swings around on the shop’s only ladder.

You break it you bought it.

17. I’d show a bitch the door too.


18. 8. Look at her straight up walking right through these kids’ game of jumprope.

Would it have been that hard to walk around?

20. 9. Then she gets dirty water all over the sidewalk and some shopkeeper’s sign just to avoid taking one extra step to her left.


22. 10. Pay careful attention to the chick trying to do laundry in the background.

Couldn’t Belle have sat somewhere else while this lady finished washing her clothes?

23. 11. This happens.


And Belle doesn’t even stop to ask if the dude’s OK or not. Seriously, the girl is a menace to this town!

25. 12. She was the original PMK.


PMK = Pimp Mama Kris.

26. 13. Watch as she kicks a bunch of shit into some innocent goats.

Animal cruelty much?

28. 14. How about her over the top reaction while meeting the Beast?


29. 15. Or this reaction to Beast’s table manners?

31. 16. Using your finger to taste the beef ragu? That’s just nasty.

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33. 17. Despite multiple warnings, she goes to the one forbidden place in the palace, sees a random floating rose in a glass case and decides to touch it.

35. 18. Then straight up lies about it.

36. 19. She spends who knows how long changing her entire outfit, down to gloves and earrings, while her father is freezing in the wilderness.

And is that a different lip shade? These Disney mid-emergency costume changes always drive me Batty!

39. 20. And finally, look how she gets rough with the creepy town psychiatrist.

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Violence is never the answer Belle!

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