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    77 Magical Ways To Eat Potatoes On Saint Patrick's Day

    You're gonna need the carbs to soak up all that green beer in your stomach.

    1. Homemade tater tots

    2. Mini pommes anna

    3. Make ahead hash brown potatoes

    4. Slice-baked cheesy bacon potatos

    5. Microwave baked potato

    6. Green mashed potatoes

    7. Oven steamed rosemary potatoes and onions

    8. Glazed potato donuts

    9. Potato leek soup

    10. Vanilla bean and purple peruvian potato ice cream

    11. Mushroom and root vegetable shepherd's pie

    12. Corned beef hash

    13. Masala potato sandwich

    14. Baked potato salad

    15. Gluten free vegan latkes

    16. Black truffle and potato chip sushi

    17. Brown butter mashed potatoes

    18. Cauliflower and potato breakfast burito

    19. Baked potato with broccoli and cheddar cheese sauce

    20. Homemade potato bread

    21. Dinosaur kale with baby potatoes

    22. Vegan potato, celery root, and cauliflower mash

    23. Baked tomatoes stuffed with cheesy potatoes

    24. Sausage and potato tacos

    25. Breakfast hash with tofu

    26. Italian style potato salad with grilled chicken

    27. Purple potato pizza with sausage and kale

    28. Puff bread with potato tomato gravy

    29. Cheese and cream baked potatoes

    30. All blue potato tabouli

    31. Loaded and fried potato balls

    32. French onion soup topped with potatoes and gruyere cheese

    33. BBQ beef and potato bowl

    34. Chili cabbage and potatoes

    35. Pasta, prosciutto, and potato pie

    36. Baked potato cookies

    37. Grilled corn and potato chowder

    38. Bacon potatoes au gratin

    39. Buffalo potato wedges

    40. Potato quinoa patties with chickpea curry

    41. Apple and potato wrapped pork tenderloin

    42. Sourdough potato focaccia

    43. Crash hot potatoes

    44. Hemp tofu scramble breakfast pizza

    45. African potato and cauliflower stew

    46. Lemon crème fraiche potato donut holes

    47. Horseradish mushroom baked potatoes

    48. Asparagus and potato quinoa salad with orange parsley dressing

    49. Scalloped potatoes with leeks

    50. Baked potato with crab and gouda

    51. Homestyle green beans and potatoes

    52. Cheese mashed potato stuffed mushrooms

    53. Potato cakes with cured trout and whiskey horseradish

    54. Oven fried potato chips

    55. Potato wheel rolls

    56. Baked potato with onions mushrooms and feta

    57. Turnip potato soup

    58. Garlic and lime breakfast potatoes

    59. Baja cumin potatoes

    60. Potato green bean salad with lemon and basil

    61. Fingerling potato kebabs

    62. Baked potato soup

    63. Loaded potato rounds

    64. Chili potato burritos

    65. Two potato and vegetable soup

    66. Kale bean and potato soup

    67. Bacon potato raviolis

    68. Baked potato pizzas

    69. Pepper jack potatoes

    70. Arugula and potato salad with cashew dressing

    71. Easy meat and potato quiche

    72. Vegan potato spinach balls

    73. Colcannon cakes

    74. Crispy hash brown potato waffles

    75. Tunisian chickpea potato salad

    76. Cauliflower steak with celery root potato puree

    77. Baked potato BLT sandwich