7 Easy Ways To Make Applesauce

Once you’ve tried homemade applesauce it will ruin those prepackaged impostors for you forever.

Homemade applesauce is awesome. Just sayin.

2. And surprisingly easy to make…

3. So next time you go apple picking grab a dozen or so extra apples

4. And use one of these methods to make some yummy applesauce:

5. 1. You could try Alton Brown’s 10 minute applesauce recipe

There are only 6 ingredients (apples, apple juice, brandy, butter, honey, and cinnamon) and all you need to do is microwave and blend.

7. 2. Or you could roast your apples for a deep flavor that will have you licking your spoon


After roasting at 375 degrees fahrenheit for about about an hour.

9. Then throw the apples into a food processor and pulse

With this recipe you don’t even need to worry about peeling the apples since they’ll get pulsed into nothingness.

Get the recipe and full set of instructions here.

12. 3. Got a Vitamix? Try this raw applesauce recipe

All you need are apples and lemons.

14. 4. You could steam your apples on the stove

16. Then push them through a food mill

19. 5. Croc-pots are meant for making applesauce

Let cook for 4 hours, then mash with a fork. Get the recipe here.

21. 6. You know what else was meant for applesauce?

Let the ingredients sit in a croc-pot overnight, and voila! Recipe here.

25. 7. Feeling really crazy? Go for pear apple sauce

Just boil your apples and pears, then into the food processor. Recipe here.

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