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42 Ways To Up Your Pancake Game

Leave the boxed pancake mix on the shelf — it's time to get creative.

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OK, pancakes are delicious. Obvi. But they're a bitch to make, right?

Wrong. Making pancakes at home is easy, as long as you know what you're doing. Plus, you essentially have unlimited options. Vegan or gluten-free? Chocolate chip or blueberry? How about buckwheat and pomegranates?

Before we get carried away though, here are a few quick tips.

1. Separate eggs and fold whipped whites into your batter. You can do this with any recipe that calls for eggs. No eggs? Add air with a carbonated beverage.

2. If you're using any type of flour with gluten then let the batter rest for at least half an hour in the fridge before cooking. This will relax the glutens and result in tender pancakes.

3. Always preheat your pan and test it with a tiny amount of batter before moving onto your real cakes.

4. Cook in small batches, and keep them warm in the oven while you make the rest.

So who wants make a bunch of pancakes for all of your friends and family this weekend?

More like, who wants to devour a pile of pancakes while binge watching shows on Netflix this weekend?

Try one of these recipes:

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