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    34 Nonconformist Pestos

    Yeah, so you can pretty much make a pesto out of anything. / Via Twitter: @mathewguiver

    Pestos are delicious, and surprisingly easy to make.

    You only really need 5 basic ingredients:

    1. Some type of herb or vegetable

    2. Nuts

    3. Cheese

    4. Oil

    5. Flavor enhancers like garlic, salt and pepper, etc.

    Pesto is traditionally made with basil, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan, garlic and lemon.

    But you can basically make a pesto using almost any herb or vegetables, by combining it with nuts and oil.

    The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of my favorites...

    1. Start simple by swapping out pine nuts for macadamia nuts in a basil pesto.

    Get the instructions here

    2. Or go off the deep end with this scallion, bok choy, asiago, pumpkin seed, and pecan pesto.

    You only use the green parts of the scallions in this pesto recipe, so sear the bottoms and serve them on top of your pesto coated pasta.

    3. Peanuts and ginger are a great way to give your dish a Thai flare.

    4. Blueberry avocado pesto anyone?

    5. Spinach pesto is pretty much amazing.

    6. Romaine and sesame seed pesto is good on it's own...

    But becomes great when served with sun dried tomatoes.

    7. Kale and walnut pesto, superfood baby!

    With lemon, olive oil, and parmesan.

    8. Use a bit of nutritional yeast for a vegan kale pesto.

    9. Apple pesto is totally a thing.

    Just toss an apple and some apple cider vinegar into your next pesto.

    10. Martha makes a mean mint pesto.

    11. And Giada makes a yummy pea pesto.

    Recipe and video here.

    12. Broccoli pesto is healthy and delicious.

    Made with pecorino romano and walnuts, served with fettuccine and sun dried tomatoes.

    13. On a related note, how about this broccoli rate pesto?

    Served with orecchiette pasta in this recipe from Anne Burrell.

    14. Cherry tomato pesto is the perfect no cook red sauce.

    15. Asparagus pesto goes great inside grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Combined spinach and asparagus in this pesto recipe.

    16. Radicchio pesto.

    Made with radicchio, walnuts, garlic, and a splash of heavy cream.

    17. Brussels sprout pesto.

    Cook your burssels, then combine with parmesan and almonds for a nutty and delicious pesto variation.

    18. Cilantro pesto goes great with tofu.

    This recipe calls for both basil and cilantro, but you could easily make it with just cilantro.

    19. Sage jalapeño pesto.

    This pesto goes great on burgers!

    20. Beet and basil pesto is beautiful and delicious.

    21. Speaking of beautiful, check out this red cabbage pesto.

    Seasoned with cayenne and ginger.

    22. Zucchini pesto with kale.

    You can't actually taste the kale in this recipe, but it adds a bit of color.

    23. Garlic scape pesto. / Via BuzzFeed

    Turn the soft stems of garlic bought from a farmers market into an amazing pesto.

    24. Spring nettle pesto.

    Serve this pesto on top of roasted yams.

    25. Leek and dandelion greens pesto.

    Try making this pesto with hemp or sunflower oil.

    26. This corn pesto is anything but corny. / Via BuzzFeed

    Corny jokes aside, this pesto looks incredibly good.

    27. Celery leaf and almond pesto.

    28. Collard greens pesto.

    Recipe here.

    29. Radish greens also make for a good pesto.

    Just make sure you clean the greens well, get the recipe here.

    30. Make sure to remove the stems when you make rosemary pesto.

    31. Parsley and feta pesto.

    32. Cashew tarragon pesto.

    This recipe calls for both the juice and the zest of a lemon.

    33. Artichoke parsley pesto.

    Served in zucchini rolls. Recipe here.

    34. Arugula pesto is peppery and delicious!

    Did I miss one? What's your favorite nonconformist pesto? LMK in the comments!