33 Gluten-Free And Vegan Chocolate Desserts

For all the chocomaniacs out there.

1. 1. Blueberry cream whoopie pies

Decadent chocolate cakes filled with a blueberry pecan cream. Recipe here.

2. 2. Chocolate banana mousse

Bananas and dates blended with coconut milk give this chocolate mousse a thick, creamy texture.

3. 3. Kale zucchini brownies

Yes, you read that correctly. These chocolate brownies are made with kale and zucchini.

4. 4. Chocolate covered beet fudge

This beet fudge is good on it’s own, but incredible when dipped in chocolate.

5. 5. Salted Chocolate Tart

Almond meal crust, bittersweet chocolate filling. Recipe here.

6. 6. Chocolate pots de crème

A bit of basil blended into the base give these pots de crème a subtle peppery flavor.

7. 7. Mini crunch bars with peanut butter drizzle

These yummy candies come together in less than 15 minutes.

8. 8. Black bean apple brownies

Topped with vegan coconut whipped cream. Brownie recipe here.

10. 10. Deep dish cookie pie

Be sure to use vegan chocolate chips to make this recipe vegan friendly.

11. 11. Sunflower seed chocolate chip cookies

An easy and healthy cookie recipe.

12. 12. Mayan dark chocolate pie

Vegan chocolate pudding in an almond crust. Recipe here.

13. 13. Chocolate raspberry cupcakes

Top these cupcakes with your favorite vegan frosting.

14. 14. Chocolate cake balls

Garnish these decadent cake balls with nuts, sprinkles, or shredded coconut.

15. 15. Mocha chia pudding

Chia seeds act as a natural thickening agent in this yummy recipe.

16. 16. Chocolate coconut ice cream torte

This no bake recipe is easy and refreshingly delicious!

17. 17. Chocolate chip almond and oatmeal cookies

Made withalmond butter, applesauce, coconut flour, and oats.

18. 18. Chocolate chip banana walnut bread

“You can never have too many banana bread recipes in your arsenal.”

19. 19. Chocolate pumpkin donuts

Get the recipe here.

20. 20. Chocolate almond butter cups

You can use pretty much any type of nut butter in this recipe.

21. 21. Coconut cream pies

With a dark chocolate crust.

22. 22. Peppermint patties

York who? Recipe here.

25. 25. Apricot and salt chocolate tart

Make sure to use vegan chocolate chips with this recipe.

26. 26. Raw coffee cream truffles

Recipe here.

27. 27. Chocolate hemp english muffins

Made with hemp protein powder.

28. 28. Rocky road fudge

This recipe calls for almonds, but you could use pretty much any nut you prefer.

31. 31. Skillet plantain cookie

Made in a skillet, but baked in the oven. Recipe here.

32. 32. Sinless raspberry tart

Made with a raw cashew cream. Recipe here.

33. 33. Chocolate almond banana pops

Recipe here.

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