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    33 Gluten-Free And Vegan Chocolate Desserts

    For all the chocomaniacs out there.

    1. Blueberry cream whoopie pies

    2. Chocolate banana mousse

    3. Kale zucchini brownies

    4. Chocolate covered beet fudge

    5. Salted Chocolate Tart

    6. Chocolate pots de crème

    7. Mini crunch bars with peanut butter drizzle

    8. Black bean apple brownies

    9. Mocha cake

    10. Deep dish cookie pie

    11. Sunflower seed chocolate chip cookies

    12. Mayan dark chocolate pie

    13. Chocolate raspberry cupcakes

    14. Chocolate cake balls

    15. Mocha chia pudding

    16. Chocolate coconut ice cream torte

    17. Chocolate chip almond and oatmeal cookies

    18. Chocolate chip banana walnut bread

    19. Chocolate pumpkin donuts

    20. Chocolate almond butter cups

    21. Coconut cream pies

    22. Peppermint patties

    23. Tiramisu

    24. Homemade oreos

    25. Apricot and salt chocolate tart

    26. Raw coffee cream truffles

    27. Chocolate hemp english muffins

    28. Rocky road fudge

    29. Raw cookie dough bars

    30. Black and white bean fudge

    31. Skillet plantain cookie

    32. Sinless raspberry tart

    33. Chocolate almond banana pops