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24 Kick-Ass Ways To Cook Homemade Seitan

It’s easy to make, and cheap as chips. Never waste money on processed meat substitutes again.

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Fake meats.

Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em.

Why hate? Because many of these meat replacers are full of artificial ingredients, even when they're marketed as healthier alternatives to meat.


It’s super easy to make, and there’s really only one key ingredient.

That would be vital wheat gluten (VWG).

You can buy it online or at most Whole Foods markets for around $6. My Safeway also sells it in their bulk section. One bag usually makes between 2 and 4 sizable batches of seitan.

You can use the basic recipe that comes on the Bob's Red Mill bag, or try out any number of other flavor combinations to spice up your seitan.

Now check out these kick-ass recipes to make with your delicious homemade seitan:

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