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    23 Delicious Vegetarian Hanukkah Recipes

    A healthier Hanukkah. Includes vegan, gluten-free, and low carb options.

    1. Challahs are delicious year round. Definitely make one for Hanukkah.

    Get the recipe for this whole wheat challah here.

    2. Or make things a little more interesting with a vegan soft pretzel challah.

    Instead of an egg wash this recipe uses a cashew milk, agave, and baking soda mixture.

    3. Go gluten-free with a rice and corn flour challah.

    4. Potato latkes are traditionally served during Hanukkah, and naturally vegetarian.

    For basic latkes, check out this recipe.

    5. Cut the carbs by making latkes with celery root, daikon, and jicama.

    If you're following a strict Paleo diet you may want to cut the parmesan cheese from this recipe. Either way, top your latkes with roasted apple sauce.

    6. It's traditional to cook latkes in oil, but these vegan baked latkes are so good, I doubt anyone will complain!

    7. Carrots and scallions are a match made in latke heaven.

    This gluten-free recipe calls for coconut flour, but you could use whatever flour you've got on hand.

    8. Sweet potato ginger latkes? Beet and cumin latkes? Does it get any better?

    9. Serve a cheese plate in honor of Judith.

    10. Or gluten-free cheesy biscuits.

    11. Maybe a raw carrot cashew "cheese" cake for dessert.

    Cashews soaked in water magically transform into cheesecake. Recipe here.

    12. You could really go for it with the cheese theme and make a fondue.

    This cheddar apple cider fondue looks especially delicious.

    13. Obviously now's the time to make rugelach.

    Recipe here.

    14. Or a classic matzo ball soup.

    Matzo balls are surprisingly simple to make. Recipe here.

    15. Saffron matzo balls are colorful and delicious!

    This recipe calls for chicken soup, but you could easily substitute a vegetable broth.

    16. As with latkes, there are plenty of options when it comes to kugel. Starting with these individual garlic kugels.

    17. Or this apple chocolate kugel.

    It's vegan and made with gluten-free noodles, and inspired by an episode of 2 Broke Girls.

    18. Don't feel guilty about throwing back one too many sufganiyot. It's Hanukkah after all!

    19. These gluten-free mini Hanukkah sufganiyot are basically bites of heaven.

    20. Make your own seitan brisket, then serve it with roasted vegetables and vegan gravy.

    It takes a couple of hours, but when making your own seitan you can customize it with things like kidney beans, liquid smoke, and fresh herbs. Homemade seitan recipe here, "brisket" and veg recipe here

    21. If you're not in the mood to get your Martha Stewart on, you could buy a pre-made package of seitan and cook it brisket-style.

    Serve it with roasted carrots and celery.

    22. Combine leeks, potatoes, and soy "beef-less tips" for another easy brisket alternative.

    Flavored with parsley and vegan Worcestershire sauce. Recipe here.

    23. And if you wanna really go for it, why not make your own chocolate gelt?

    It's actually pretty easy. All you really need is a muffin tin, a brush, chocolate, and edible gold dust.