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21 Reasons To Get Excited About SantaCon In San Francisco

You better watch out!

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1. Because people in SF love any excuse to wear a costume in public.

2. And we get pretty creative when it comes to Santa costumes.

3. Because SF nerds are unapologetic.

You'll see Star Wars inspired Santas everywhere.

4. Because Santas will literally shut down the streets of SF.

5. And take over public transportation.

6. Because you don't have to actually dress like Santa.

People of all costumes are embraced, and in fact some of the best looks are people who wear non-Santa holiday inspired outfits.

7. Because of the SantaCon ho-ho-ho rule.

It's very similar to the Halloween slut rule, only during December.

8. Because there's often live music.

9. Because you might find Jesus.

10. Because the robot might show up.

11. Because you can take a quick siesta before the BART ride home.

Don't drink and drive. If you're going to turn up, then take public transit or a Lyft home.

12. Because in SF, even fancy-ass restaurants with linen napkins welcome groups of Santas.

13. Because people jump rope while drinking beer in public.

Skilled, and kinda bold, I mean his beer isn't even in a paper bag...

14. Because you can use a stocking as a backpack.

15. Or a holiday bow as a hair accessory.

16. Because you can pretty much wear a bathrobe and pajamas all day, in public, and no one will judge you.

"I woke up like this."

17. Because Hanukkah gets represented!

18. Because people even put their dogs in costumes.

19. Because SF Santas wait politely in line.

Or they're supposed to, don't be a bad Santa!

20. Because local bars have SantaCon specials.

21. Because Santas come out every year, rain or shine.

Check out SF Santa on Twitter for more details.

And bring a new, unwrapped toy to Union Square for the SFFD Toy Drive! Details here.

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