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    22 Fabulous Fruit Salsas

    Ditch the tomatoes. Brighten up your next meal with a homemade fruit salsa.

    1. Mango kiwi salsa

    2. Black bean mango salsa

    3. Grilled corn, peach, and basil salsa

    4. Meyer lemon and green olive salsa

    5. Peach and radish salsa

    6. Pomegranate pear salsa

    7. Pineapple mango salsa

    8. Lychee, jicama, and mango salsa

    9. Strawberry, avocado, and feta salsa

    10. Nectarine mango salsa

    11. Green apple and celery salsa

    12. Kiwi pineapple salsa

    13. Strawberry cucumber salsa

    14. Pineapple maple salsa

    15. Very cherry salsa

    16. Fresh cantaloupe salsa

    17. Mango, ginger, citrus salsa

    18. Blood orange salsa

    19. Mojito melon salsa

    20. Black bean and pomegranate salsa

    21. Crunchy pear salsa

    22. Watermellon cucumber salsa