21 Questions Adult Disney Fans Are Tired Of Being Asked

Disney is my religion. Deal with it.

1. “Why are you so obsessed with everything Disney?”

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I don’t really understand the question.

2. “You know Disney movies are for kids, right?”

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Bitch, I’m young at heart.

3. “How many times does a grown adult need to see Frozen?”

Disney / Via fanpop.com

Technically no one needs to see it… But I’m a fan of Olaf, so shoot me!

4. “Why don’t you go somewhere new instead of going to Disneyland again?”

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Um, because it’s the happiest place on earth.

5. “Isn’t it weird going to Disneyland without any children?”

6. “But you don’t, like take photos with Goofy, do you?”

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Maybe. Is there something wrong with that?

7. “Wasn’t Walt Disney a bigot?”

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Damn that Meryl Streep.

8. “Why don’t you dress up like something besides a Disney character for Halloween?”

When else am I going to wear this Tinker Bell costume?

9. “Did you really name your cat after a character in The Little Mermaid?”

10. “How much money do you spend on Disney shit?”

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It’s certainly not a low number.

11. “Is that a Disney tattoo?”

Yup, and it’s pretty cute isn’t it?

12. “Are we going to spend the whole night talking about Cruella de Vil’s back story? Again?”

13. “Is that a quote from a Disney movie?”

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14. “Do you think it might be time to stop comparing every guy you date to Prince Eric?”

Disney / Via pinterest.com

Can you suggest another Disney prince I should be comparing them to?

15. “Is all of your home decor Disney themed?”

Disney / Via hercampus.com

16. “How many Disney holiday ornaments do you have?”

What else would you propose I use to decorate my tree?

17. “Don’t Disney movies basically teach girls to change everything about themselves in order to get a man?”

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

Not all of them.

18. “Do all of your t-shirts have Disney characters on them?”

Vanellope von Schweetz is hella high fashion, don’t judge.

19. “How is it possible to know the lyrics to every song on the Mulan soundtrack?”

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

How is it possible not to? My Reflection changed my life.

20. “Don’t you already own {insert movie name} on VHS and DVD? Do you also need it on Blu-ray?”

Disney / Via waltgifs.tumblr.com

21. “You do realize you’re not actually a Disney Princess?”

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

I do. And thanks for the unpleasant reminder.

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