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    18 Questions Sweaty Girls Are Tired Of Being Asked

    Yeah. I'm, like, dripping with sweat. Hand me a mini fan or move along.

    August is hot. Some people enjoy the heat, but for sweaty gals like me, it's a month long perspiration fest.

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    If you see one of us struggling in the heat, please don't ever ask a question on this list.

    MTV / Via

    It will probably result in a sweaty palmed bitch slap.

    1. "Why are you so sweaty?"

    SNL Studios

    It's a hundred and five degrees asshole. I'm sweaty because it's hot.

    2. "Are you extra sensitive to heat?"

    Bravo / Via

    Extra sensitive? Since when is it not normal to sweat?

    3. "Have you always been one of those girls who sweats a lot?"

    Disney / Via

    Yes honey, I came out of the womb glowing.

    4. "How do you stay hydrated?"

    Disney / Via

    Um, by drinking water.

    5. "Did you just come from the gym?"

    Oxygen / Via

    I'm wearing jeans and boots, what part of that says work-out wear to you?

    6. "Do you want to take a bikram yoga class?"

    Seoul Broadcasting System / Via

    Not unless you have a giant ShamWow for me to lay over my yoga mat.

    7. "Is it raining?"

    CBS / Via

    Nope. I'm covered in sweat, not rainwater.

    8. "My car has black leather seats, do you mind?" / Via

    Not if you don't mind a wet imprint in the shape of my ass.

    9. "Should I turn on the air conditioning?"

    Production http://I.G / Via

    What do you mean, "turn on?"

    Why have we been driving for 10 minutes with warm air blowing in my face?

    10. "Doesn't botox kill sweat glands?"

    Lifetime / Via

    Umm. And?

    11. "We just got inside, are you really hot already?"

    Fox / Via

    Busy night clubs without proper ventilation are a sweaty girl's worst nightmare.

    12. "Do you need to use the rest room?"

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    I've got over active sweat glands you moron, not an over active bladder.

    13. "Have you ever tried shine control powder?"

    Bravo / Via

    Girl, I reapplied like fifteen minutes ago.

    14. "Have you tried wearing more cotton?"

    NickiMinajvevo / Via

    It doesn't matter if I'm wearing a bikini, I'm still gonna sweat.

    15. "Do you ever stop sweating?"

    Bravo / Via

    There's no need to throw shade.

    16. "Why don’t you get one of those personal cooling devices?"

    CTV / Via

    Because I'm already drawing enough attention to myself.

    17. "Do you have a fever?"


    Can't a girl glisten without being rushed to the ER?

    18. "Was your mom a sweaty girl too?"

    HBO / Via

    Yes, she was, but who gave you permission to talk about my mama?

    I love you mom ;)


    NBC / Via
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