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17 Times It Didn’t Quite Work Bitch

Wanna look hot in a bikini? You gotta work bitch. But it doesn’t work every time.

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The Queen has instructed her Army to work bitch.

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Call her the guhvnah, she is the bad bitch.

But it doesn’t always work, bitch.

Like when this cat thought he would leap across the building like Spiderman.

Via stateofspears

Or when this chick tried to use her corgi to make coleslaw instead of a mandolin. / Via Buzzfeed

That time this horse tried to work on her core.

Or when this turtle tried a little too hard to “be cool” around his new cage mate.

When this bunny, who happens to be a single mother, thought she would skip her afternoon Starbucks run.

When this couple thought their cat would give them some alone time.

When this cat thought, “I’m just gonna scratch until you let me in!”

Or, when this bitch tried to get into the bathtub with grace and elegance.

That time this cat’s owner thought putting the rug in the other room would keep her from reaching it.

When this ape tried to rake the leaves.

When these penguins couldn’t wait to go through the hole one at a time.

When this dumb kid thought he’d bitch slap a cat. / Via Buzzfeed

When this kitten tried to drink her milk like a big girl.

When this cat resorted to water aerobics to become less of a “fat cat.”

When this koala tried to pretend like it was still asleep.

The time this kitten thought she’d stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve.

When this dog tried to play fetch with a statue.

OK, you’ve had your laugh…

Now get back to work bitch!

Work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work…

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