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    17 Catching Fire & Mockingjay Halloween Costume Ideas

    Basic Hunger Games costumes were so 2012.

    Hunger Games costumes were huge last year. Pink wigs and flowers could turn you into an instant Effie. A side braid, black clothing, and a toy bow and arrows set was all you needed to go as a recognizable Katniss.

    Halloween 2013 is almost here, and a few short weeks later this happens

    Heads up though, some of these are probably spoilers if you haven't read the books

    Up your game this year and go with a costume inspired by one of the final 2 books

    1. Get a black jumpsuit, some fabric paint, and the right makeup, and you can become Katniss in the Tribute Parade

    Or, you could order a top on Amazon

    2. They have a shirt for Peeta too!

    2. With some white fabric, tulle, 2 corsets, hot glue, and glitter you can go as Katniss in her wedding dress

    3. Or rock a dress that's mid transition into a Mockingjay

    4. You could go a step further and rock the burnt Mockingjay dress

    5. Fast forward with an all black look and rock Cinna's Mockingjay suit

    6. How about President Coin? Get a gray wig and a District 13 standard issue look from a local thrift store

    7. Extra rope lying around? Dress like Finnick Odair at the Opening Ceremony

    8. Any of the Victors in their Quarter Quarrel arena jumpsuit

    Or you could buy this "hunter jumpsuit"

    9. Johanna training for battle in District 13

    10. Perhaps you want to be the new Head Gamekeeper?

    Show off your attention to detail by making yourself a Mockingjay watch

    11. You could buy the exact Alexander McQueen spring 2011 dress Effie wears in the Catching Fire movie

    For a lower cost version, buy a bunch of floral butterflies and a bag of new glue sticks

    12. Or go for a darker Effie when she's reunited with Katniss at the end of the 3rd book after being held as a prisoner in The Capitol

    13. Gale being whipped

    14. Buttercup playing Crazy Cat with members of District 13

    15. Leeg 1 and 2

    16. Got a buzz cut? Easily become Cressida by drawing a few green vines on your scalp

    17. Create an awesome Tigris costume by starting with a simple tiger costume

    Throw on a fur jacket (remember Tigris owns a fur shop), and some long ass whiskers

    Finish the look by carrying a steak dog toy

    No matter what costume you go with, jump in head first, and let your creativity take over!