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15 Local San Francisco Chains To Hit Up For A Delicious Lunch

Where's a working girl in the city gonna go for a quick salad? How about Working Girl's Cafe.

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1. Juice Shop is the perfect place to kick off your lunch break, especially if you're doing a juice cleanse.

You can order delivery, or swing by one of their micro stores.

2. SF Soup Company is a rainy day essential in SF.

The organic corn chowder is a must-have.

3. Got an hour to kill? Get an amazing salad at Mixt Greens.

The wait is worth it. Though, I usually go at 11 a.m. or wait till after the lunch rush (2:30 p.m.).

There's also a Mixt Rover, but I recommend asking for extra dressing. The containers are kinda small IMO.

Yea, it's pretty much always like this.

4. Or spend the hour crunching down on a sandwich from Toaster Oven.

My reco is the veggie bell.

5. Work in The Mission? Grab a plate of Indian street food at Curry Up Now.

They have a couple of Bay Area locations (including one in The Mission) and food trucks.

6. Grab a dog on the go at What's Up Dog.

I can't recommend the veggie dogs at What's Up Dog enough. Crazy convenient and incredibly delicious.

7. Working Girl's Cafe

Don't worry, boys are welcome too.

Three locations in downtown SF.

8. Get a sushi burrito at Sushirrito.

Sushirrito was super trendy when the first location opened, honest to Britney I waited 95 minutes for a Buddha Belly sushi burrito.

The lines are less crazy now, and they also do catering.

9. The burgers at Super Duper Burgers are, well, pretty freakin' super.

Currently eight locations, another opening soon. And lemme say, the veggie burgers are quite tasty.

10. Or something freshly baked at Focaccia Market & Bakery.

If you don't get a sandwich, then make sure take the free focaccia that comes with your salad!

11. Small Foods only has one full location, but they serve smaller items at their smaller store XS.

In addition to sandwiches, salads, and prepackaged sushi, Small Foods also has delicious smoothies and fresh baked goods, aka CUPCAKES!

12. Clog a couple of your arteries with Korean fusion from the original HRD.

The tofu kimchee burritos are epic. But make sure you bring cash, no credit cards accepted.

There's also an HRD Smokin' Grill in North Beach, however the original HRD coffee shop claims to have no affiliation with the smokin grill.

13. Or get something a little lighter at Lee's Deli.

The salad bar is bomb and they have a hot bar with soups and Chinese food.

14. Fill up on a box of pasta from Firewood Cafe.

They only have couple of Bay Area locations including The Castro and SFO.

15. And finally, though most of their locations are currently closed, The Melt offers unique grilled cheese sandwiches and now burgers!

Though I haven't tried their new menu, I can tell you the macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwich is truly a work of art.

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