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11 Dance Moves To Master Before Seeing Britney In Vegas

Trust me, you'll want to be prepared.

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But before I return to Vegas, I wanted to learn a few of our girl's dance moves.

My inner teenager, who still knows the full choreography to OIDIA (bonus points if you recognize the acronym), wouldn't let me sleep until I'd mastered a few of Britney's more basic moves.

Here's what I came up with:

1. The Wig Hold Hair Whip

Britney rocks a handful of wigs during her show, but don't worry it doesn't prevent her from giving us great hairography.

In fact, it's pretty fun to spice up a classic hair whip by adding a quick "hold your wig" in place hand movement.

Bonus #2: The Awkward Stairney

CBS / Via

To walk anywhere along the Vegas strip you'll have to take countless flights of stairs stairs because of those damn pedestrian bridges. Make it fun by doing your best Awkward Stairney.

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