11 Dance Moves To Master Before Seeing Britney In Vegas

Trust me, you’ll want to be prepared.

Britney returns to her Vegas stage this Wednesday, and will be performing a string of shows through the end of February.

As someone who witnessed The Queen opening night on December 27th, and has since studied all the bootleg videos of the show on YouTube, I can promise you this…

3. The Bitch Goes For It.

Her dance moves are on point! The show is incredible. Immediately after seeing the show I bought tickets to see Britney again in September.

But before I return to Vegas, I wanted to learn a few of our girl’s dance moves.

My inner teenager, who still knows the full choreography to OIDIA (bonus points if you recognize the acronym), wouldn’t let me sleep until I’d mastered a few of Britney’s more basic moves.

Here’s what I came up with:

5. 1. The Wig Hold Hair Whip

Britney rocks a handful of wigs during her show, but don’t worry it doesn’t prevent her from giving us great hairography.

In fact, it’s pretty fun to spice up a classic hair whip by adding a quick “hold your wig” in place hand movement.

Side note, wouldn’t it be fun to see Britney and Wendy talk wig tips?

7. 2. The Work It Out, Work It Out

One hand on hip, backwards bitch-slap with the other. Wig shake optional.

8. 3. The “Sipping Martinis”

More like chugging. Bottoms up bitches!

9. 4. The Lawn Mower Jump-Jump

Start your engines.

10. 5. The Every Time I Try To Fly

Flap your imaginary wings as Angleney performs Everytime.

11. 6. The BOMT Side Step

Make sure to perfect this move in flats. Leave heels to the pros.

12. 7. The Saddle-Up

2003ney makes an appearance during MATM, and the dancing is on point. Trust me, The Saddle-Up is the best part of the routine.

13. 8. The Trapped In A Boxney

Britney breaks out this insta-classic during Boys.

14. 9. The Welcome To The Circus

All eyes on Britney!

15. 10. The Pop ‘n Wipe

Make sure to end with a point.

16. 11. The Walkney

All true fans will recognize The Walkney. It’s Britney’s classic filler move. The girl likes to stay moving on stage and will frequently bust out her walk in place go to, aka The Walkney.

18. Bonus #1: The On Stage Ab Workout

You wanna hot body? You wanna be in shape for your trip to Vegas?

Pretend you’re Britney during your next abs of steel class.

19. Bonus #2: The Awkward Stairney

CBS / Via buzzfeed.com

To walk anywhere along the Vegas strip you’ll have to take countless flights of stairs stairs because of those damn pedestrian bridges. Make it fun by doing your best Awkward Stairney.

Trust me, if you’re prepared you’ll definitely enjoy the show more. If you don’t already have tickets, well…

What the fuck are you waiting for? In case you haven’t heard the show is selling like cray.

Buy your tickets before it’s too late.

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