15 Adorable Animals Made From Reused Materials

These creative reuse critters are just happy to be here.

1. Canny Chameleon

Lustik / Via lustik.tumblr.com

This scrappy chameleon likes how green you both are. (Natsumi Tomita)

2. Aluminum Alligator

Melissa Easton Design / Via melissaeastondesign.com

Nothing can foil this guy’s plans today. (Dean Millien)

3. Ribbon Fish

Carp-ing the diem. (Materials for the Arts, Joy Suarez)

4. Mixed Media Whale

Porpoise-ful reuse. (Sayaka Ganz)

5. Buckle Bug

This artsy arthropod is a happily surprised you didn’t throw him away. (Materials for the Arts)

6. Forktopus

A forkful of love from someone who wants to octopy your heart. (Gille Monte Ruici)

7. Fabric Lobster

This lobster has a soft, squishy heart for eco-craft. (Materials for the Arts)

9. Cigarette Bunny

This fluff ball has a secret. He’s made out of discarded cigarette butts! (Tom Deininger)

10. Scrap Leather Penguin

This baby penguin loves your creativity. (Materials for the Arts)

11. Elephant Assemblage

Follow us to find trunk-fuls of found object treasures. (Scott Rolfe)

12. “Toy” Ostrich

This ostrich thinks your reuse is sexy. (Sang Won Sung)

13. Spool-eyed Jack the Parrot

This parrot is having spools of fun just looking at you. (Materials for the Arts)

14. Electronic Part(y) Rex

This dino loves that your spare electronic parts didn’t go extinct right away.

15. Turtle from a Half-File

He may look expressionless, but this ninja turtle thinks you’re kick-ass. (Materials for the Arts)

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