MasterFeathers You probably already know me, I'm Master Feathers of Triangle Earth. I'm a celebrity electronic musician from Miami, Fl.
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  • Master Feathers Brain Mix 15-5-13

    Master Feathers New mix called Brain Mix has just been posted. On Mixcloud and Soundcloud. This is his description of the track Silly string with melted octopus with sprinkle of chocolate sun tan lotion from the left corner of iceberg lettuseville. Televisions sets were used in this process so id like to thank the inventer of the television, the speakers within the television were also used to create sound along with spare wires for extra effect. This is why i called the mix The Brain Mix because it looked like a brain inside my broken television. Why didn’t i used a picture showing the inside of the t.v. ? The answer is because sometimes people don’t read. A lot of humans these days are very visual and or audible. If you really wan’t to see funny human wait till you get to the year in which I’m from. Master Feathers Brain Mix 15-5-13 by Armando Von Feathers on Mixcloud

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