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The 18 Finest Rock And Roll Mustaches Of All Time

Yes, we all know that sex and drugs have always gone with Rock and Roll. But so have mustaches. Here's a look at some of the finest the genre has had to offer. Be warned. There is handsomeness afoot.

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1. Alan White of Yes rocking the 'stache and the half-turtleneck.

2. The King of Turkish Rock has always had a noble 'stache.

3. Four Fabulous genre-smashing mustaches; one better than the next. Giving the Moodies something to think about.

4. Clapton wasn't a longtime mustache man. But he did it well. You may note that he looks the most comfortable and self-possessed of all of Cream.

5. One of the finest of all rock mustaches: The Crosby.

6. Derek Smalls. Spinal Tap. The band may have been fake, but there's nothing more real than that mustache.

7. Classic Rock Mustache, thy name is Zappa.

8. Little Richard, bringing precision to the game.

9. Duane Allman, not bringing precision.

10. NO ONE rocked the mustache like Freddie.

11. Except maybe John. Don't mess with that.

12. You knew he'd be on this list. Lemmy.

13. But perhaps you were not expecting Neil Peart (RUSH), who, in the '70s, sported what you might recognize as the "d'Artagnan"

14. You're not getting full-on mustache from Prince. Just a hint. And it's still some of the best mustache you'll ever get.

15. The Zeppelin boys got in the game for a brief spell in the early 70s. If Neal Peart sported the "d'Artagnan," Robert may be working the "Athos" (or fill in either of your other 2 Musketeers).

16. Steve Hackett. Genesis. Derek Smalls definitely took notes.

17. We'll leave you with a couple of mind-blowers. Here we have at least two of the coolest ever rock and roll mustaches, in one band. They could have got into the hall of fame without the dudes attached. That's how badass.

18. And you may be surprised by this last one. But NOBODY did group mustache like the Moody Blues. The range. The depth. The "wow" factor.

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