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12 Ways Justin Timberlake Continues To Surprise Us

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1. When the "Mirrors" video was released, the world was left speechless for 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

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2. And then he dressed up like a tofu cube on SNL and weirdly made our mouths water.

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3. This reunion at the VMAs COMPLETELY blew our minds:

4. The man can sing, dance AND act - can you say TRIPLE THREAT?!

Christopher Polk/Staff / Getty Images

5. He's proven himself to be the ultimate proposal wingman.

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6. He's super into red carpet #selfies with fans.

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7. He wowed the Wild West when he performed an intimate surprise show in Austin.

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8. Just when we thought he had done it all, he collaborated with LEGENDS.

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9. He revealed that there would be a 20/20 Experience PART TWO and made us all feel a little loopy.

10. But his talents go FAR beyond music; he can also play a mean game of golf.


11. He managed to keep us entertained for an entire action-filled "Timberweek".

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12. Bravo JT, keep on surprising us.

MasterCard is rewarding cardholders with #PricelessSurprises! You may be next!

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