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12 Everyday Surprises That'll Make You Smile Instantly

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1. Waking up before your alarm and realizing you still have plenty of time to snooze.

More ZZZs!

2. Thinking you've missed your train, but then seeing it pull in just on time.

Congrats, your day is already off to a great start.

3. 'Cause it's FRIDAY, and you were sure it was Thursday.

Now this deserves a happy dance.

4. Getting a meal’s worth of samples when you’re hungry for lunch.

The best.

5. OR free food of ANY KIND in the world.

Can I take two? Three? Four?!

Can I take two? Three? Four?!

6. When you give a more clever comeback than you thought you were ever capable of.

Instead of thinking about what you SHOULD have said days later in the shower.

7. Finding an ACTUAL letter from a friend in a MAILBOX.

Remember those?

8. Having an unbelievably good hair day with zero effort.

Effortless beauty.

9. When you turn an awkward encounter into a dance-off. / Via

This duel always ends with a grin.

10. When your roommate unexpectedly "makes" you dinner.

So, umm, thoughtful....
Elsie Hui (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: elsiehui

So, umm, thoughtful....

11. Being given the sweetest compliment out of the blue.

Travel Channel / Samantha Brown /

Aw, you shouldn't have.

12. When someone special gets you a bouquet of flowers.

Bacon always makes your day sweeter.

MasterCard is rewarding cardholders with #PricelessSurprises! You may be next!