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Leadership Experience

J.Massie-LDR 2010

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Since starting this course during my first year at the University of South Florida I figured that it would be on things I thought I already knew. My name is Jada Massie and being a student-athlete at USF, I needed an extra class to fulfill my 12 credit hour semester guideline. So I ended up in Leadership Fundamentals. My philosophy of leadership has changed since I gained the knowledge and deeper understanding of what leadership actually is. When you think of leadership you may think of a coach or teacher or even activist. But leadership entails much, much more.


Leadership includes core values. Mine would include honesty, bravery, and open-mindedness. In my own words these values may have a different meaning to others.

Honesty: being able to step up and tell the truth even if it hurts your campaign or cause for leading. Bravery: taking on big crowds to project your image of cause. Open-mindedness: taking outside ideas to allow your leadership role to strengthen.

All of these influence my own leadership style because I have these values instilled within me even if not in a leading situation. Being a student-athlete makes way for these 3 values to appear in my everyday life.



My 5 takeaways from this course include: the participation from my surrounding classmates, the support and understanding from surrounding classmates, a broadened philosophy of leadership, the final group assignment, and even the "Nine Laws of God" organizational chart.


In conclusion, I finished Leadership Fundamentals as a person that had gained more knowledge. This is always a fun thing no matter what subject. Moving forward, others can expect me to utilize these deeper understandings of leadership that I have gained. I expect myself to be an honest leader in the future.

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