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11 Things Everyone Has Freaked Out About When They Left High School

Deep breaths.

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Leaving school and moving on is an exciting and scary time in your life. So if you're freaking out, that's OK too. It's completely normal.

2. Making new friends.

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Making the friends we have was tough enough. Or we just fell into those groups. Or did we? Wait, how did we make friends? How the hell are we going to do that all over again? Will anyone get you as much as your friends from school? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. What to do next?

"Should I go to uni? Should I take a gap year? Should I try interning and just work?" Not only is it a huge transition period, but what to transition to next is one of the biggest freak-outs too.

4. The decision to try to go overseas now or later?

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The fear that if you don't do it now, you'll be stuck forever, and your overseas dreams won't ever happen. But then on the flip side, if you go now, you might fall behind when it comes to careers.

5. Figuring out what to actually study later.

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"I really want to do this, but what if I don't like it? What if I spend years studying it only to change my mind? What if in the future there's nothing for me due to what I studied?" Arghhhh.

6. Figuring out life goals.

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At what point do we have to sit down and actually think about the future? Who knows! But it's something we all think about, and we think we have to do it right then and there. All. The. Time.

7. Anticipation.


Being so excited to start a new chapter in life whether it's going off to uni or moving overseas for a bit, or just moving in general can be overwhelming. It's fun and freaky. And confusing.

9. The freedom. / Via

You now have all this freedom at your door. Whether you decide to go to uni or not. And when at uni the freedom to show up every day or pick and choose when to go. How hard to study or not. All on you. With no one to make you do anything. Amazing and scary.

10. Higher standards.

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The world's not high school. Work's intense. University is intense. It's all on you, and will there be help? Just the sheer scale of what goes into the work vs high school will freak anyone out.

11. Doing things for the "last" time.

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Freaking out about realising a lot of things are the last time. Last time you'll see certain people or friends. Last time you'll visit or go back to a certain place. It's a time of lasts.

Freaking out at over all these is totally normal. And whatever you decide to do now or later, Massey University is here to help you figure out what you want to do.