20 Things That Only Entrepreneurs Will Understand

Failure is not an option.

1. People think you’re legitimately insane for quitting your job and pursuing some hair-brained idea.

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2. Risking everything you have to pursue your dream.

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3. No one else understands your vision.

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4. Still believing in your vision when no one else does

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5. Your friends and family tell you you’re just having a quarter life crisis.

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6. Everything seems like an opportunity just waiting for you to make it happen.

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7. The time is now.

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8. Knowing all too well the meaning behind Reid Hoffman’s quote that an entrepreneur is someone who has to “jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”

9. Writing down ideas that you get in the middle of the night

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10. Staying up until ungodly hours of the night…morning? Who even knows anymore…

11. Running solely on insane amounts of caffeine, i.e whatever you can get your hands on…Red Bull, Crunk, Four Loko, raw coffee beans, gasoline…

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12. Constantly promoting yourself and your idea to anyone who will listen.

13. Shamelessly hunting down sponsors for funding.

14. Using an absurd amount of social media advertising.

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15. Working with a bunch of Generation Y, Millennial Hipsters.

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16. Never knowing what’s coming next or what the future might hold in store.

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17. Trying and failing.

18. Then trying and trying and failing again

19. Finally succeeding.

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20. Looking back at how far you’ve come once you’ve finally succeeded.

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