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10 Ways To Save Money And Limit Your Impact On The Environment

Creative life changes that you probably haven't thought of before.

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3. Rethink your commute.

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Sure, cars are convenient, but they sure aren't cheap and negatively impact the environment. Consider how close you live to work, biking or walking to work, or using public transportation. Not only will these options save you money, they will keep you healthier as well.

4. Invest in a safety razor. / Via

I've been using this baby for ten months now and I love it. I haven't had to spend money at all on razors this year and I've found that this razor functions better than anything you can find in the drugstore.

5. Take a chance on the Diva. / Via

Yes ladies, since entering my life over 6 years ago, this menstrual cup has been a lifesaver. Hands down there is no more convenient way of handling that time-of-the-month. You will save tons of $$, and there will be no more having to pack tons of tampons on trips, no more embarrassing leaks and frequent trips to the bathroom. It is well worth the investment.

6. Cloth over paper. / Via

Replace the paper products in your house with reusable cloth alternatives: rags over paper towels, cloth napkins over paper ones, family cloth over toilet paper. You'll save yourself money and lower your ecological footprint..

8. Change the way you shop for clothes. / Via

Invest in simple, quality articles of clothing that will last you longer like Birkenstock shoes or a quality purse. Frequent thrift stores to save money on your wardrobe and avoid creating more consumption. Swap clothes with friends and consider donating your forgotten clothing.

10. Be a creative gift-giver. / Via

The next time you find yourself in need of a gift, consider making something out of recycled items, baking something, writing a kind note, planning a fun activity or giving something that doesn't feed into consumerism, like a plant.

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